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Global Academy is on the ground operating on 5 continents.

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Walter Link: Founder & CEO
Renske van Grinsven: Executive Director
Hans Krueger: COO & CFO
Aya Okawa: Creative & Media Director
Marcello Palazzi: Co-chair, Board of Trustees
John & Doris Naisbitt, Co-chairs, Board of Trustees
Isabel Allende: Co-chair, Board of Trustees
Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne: Co-chair, Board of Trustees
Edgar Mitchell, Co-chair emeritus, Board of Trustees
Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne: Director GAF Asia and Sarvodaya University
Thais Corral: Co-Chair Global Leadership Network
Meg Levie: Co-Chair Global Leadership Network
Gisela Solymos: Co-founder Knowledge Hub for Healthy Childhood
Hein Dijksterhuis: Core Project Partner, Trustee, GLN member
Paula Johns: Co-Leader Advocacy Trainings and Health & Food Alliance
Monica Andreis: Co-Leader Advocacy Trainings and Health & Food Alliance
Kabir Vajpeyi: Partner India Social Entrepreneurship Programs
Claudia Duran: Partner Latin America Social Entrepreneurship
Rafa Poco: Partner Democratic Innovation Programs
Dr. Andreas Meissner: Chair, Board of Directors