Co-creating a B Economy

30 years ago, Global Academy’s founder Walter Link was a co-owner of B.Grimm, a now 140-year old industrial group of companies. When he wanted to align his companies with social and environmental sustainability, he realized that this is impossible if we don’t also create different economic systems that naturally support corporate sustainability. Walter therefore left the leadership of his companies to his brother to focus on co-creating and co-leading this first sustainable business networks across Europe and The Americas to change the markets that shape the economic systems. 

The B Economy reflects the interdependence of all living beings and their systems. Global Academy understands that this requires transformations and transitions on a personal, organizational, and systemic level. We  understand how to integrate benefit and commercial success – the integration of doing good with doing well to create a new business logic that makes the B Economy the new normal.

What started as a relatively small movement of investors, business leaders and companies grew into a huge global movement differentiated into specialized but interconnected elements called sustainable business and corporate responsibility, socially responsible and impact investing, clean-tech and fair trade, new forms of leadership and lately inclusive, regenerative or benefit corporations – all of which can be summarized as the B economy. 

For the past 30 years, Global Academy played a very active role in co-creating and co-leading these movements. This included empowering its leaders and companies with a wide range of services: Individual and team coaching, refining purpose and expressing it in inspiring visions, which become grounded action through strategies, leadership and culture development as well as product and service innovation and the alignment of supply and value chains. Clients include iconic leaders of the B Economy movements such as Natura & Co, Triodos Bank and Philips.

Global Academy & B Economy Partners

To significantly scale this work Global Academy co-created B Economy Partners that includes over one-hundred business leaders, consultants and other experts from around the world who focus on supporting the transformation multinationals, large family companies and their holdings that play key roles in reorienting the global economy.

Pursuing a philosophy of interdependence, we collaborate with partners to evolve and strengthen a benefit economy and society that are regenerative, just, humane, and serve all living beings everywhere, including future generations.

B Economy Partners also catalyzes and supports multi-sector processes to regenerate socio-economic and natural ecosystems, many of which were distressed by the old economy but can become models for the B Economy.

Lastly  B Economy Partners also helps to develop the global B Economy movement, which has to become the new mainstream of business for all lifeforms to thrive. 

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