Global Academy’s Theory of Change:

To empower the (re)generation of societies and economies that benefit all stakeholders we integrate working with leaders, organizations, alliances and ecosystems.

All of our activities are grounded in our Theory of Change, which aligns personal and interpersonal development with organizational and societal transformation.

Our work integrates modern science, ancient wisdom and the innovative pragmatism that develops with co-leading organizations and movements in the midst of life’s concrete realities. 

Beyond addressing immediate needs we focus on systemic root causes. Ultimately we require a paradigm shift towards what we call the emerging ‘B civilization’ that regenerates nature and benefits all stakeholders. Inherent in it is a new system logic that naturally leads us co-create dynamically sustainable economies and humane, resilient and innovative societies that steward all of life.

Leadership Development

People and their relationships are at the heart of humanity’s challenges and opportunities. Therefore they are also at the heart of our work. We believe that all people are leaders. And that we all can get better at it.

Global Academy supports senior leaders across sectors and cultures in their personal and professional development with coaching, leadership programs, executive education and peer to peer learning. We also support fundamental system change in education and the wider field of leadership.

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed.”

Peter Senge

Strengthening Organizations

System transformation requires models that demonstrate that another reality is possible. We therefore partner with leaders to enable their organizations to embody such new and attractive realities. We help them to refine their purpose and mission, translate them into strategy and innovation, and empower them through leadership and culture development.

We draw on a wide variety of approaches and tools to co-design custom-made processes that adapt to the specific needs and cultural contexts of our partners.

“SDG17 – partnering with others – is the most important SDG. Without it we will not reach the other sustainable development goals.”

-Guilherme Leal, Natura & Co co-founder

Alliance Building & Ecosystem Movements

No individual nor single organization has sufficient impact to generate system change. We need to co-create the necessary critical mass through the collaboration of innovation leaders, organizations and change movements to help societies reach successive tipping points towards fundamental transformation.

Global Academy therefore supports leaders and organizations to effectively collaborate in projects, alliances and ecosystem movements. This is easier said than done. Collaboration is both an art and a craft that requires us to go beyond a theoretical appreciation of diversity to the capacity to work across real differences. It challenges us to develop not only joint strategies but a real common ground that is resilient and catalyses innovative impact.


Isabel Allende - GlobalLeadership.TV

Especially at a time when complexity and the speed of change are ever increasing, taking time to listen and inquire deeply is not a luxury. It is a necessity to bring about meaningful innovation and effective implementation.

Global Academy’s video series invite you to partake in the stories behind the stories of some of the world’s most impactful innovators who found access to their purpose and sources of inspiration and translated them into large scale implementation. Together with them we can learn how to move from our many challenges into our full potential as human beings, organizations and whole societies. Watch our dialogue series >>