OLD – Leadership Development

We understand the world of transformative action because we ourselves have been leaders of organizations and networks for change. Through GAF we offer our hands-on experience coupled with a systematic yet organic approach to innovation and strategy, coaching and leadership development to others who work on the frontlines of creative action.

Who we are and what we do is our message

Our partners understand that for fundamental change to happen – to risk the shift from the dysfunctional main stream to an innovative alternative – the world needs more than inspiration and information. It needs to see that what is being proposed actually works better than the predominant mainstream. We need concrete examples from which we can learn how to change ourselves, and subsequently our behavior. GAF helps our partners to develop into such models and to communicate that through expression and action.

 Partners / clients

Below is a brief reference to some of the individuals and organisms we work with. We call them partners rather than clients because we share a deep commitment to co-creating a better world – one that is more innovative and sustainable, humane and effective. Each of us plays their role. Ours is to serve those who serve others, whether they are from civil society or responsible business, the arts or government.

What our partners have in common is that they are models for how to do things differently in the new paradigm of individual and co-creative leadership that is emerging in a multifaceted manner across all sectors and continents.



Global Academy Foundation provides individual coaching services for a variety of individuals, including corporate CEOs, artists, and non-profit directors……

Isabel Allende

GAF chair Walter Link has been coaching Isabel for the past 7 years in developing herself and her creative process. While normally it would be inappropriate to talk about the confidential coaching work – which is why we don’t highlight other coachees here – Isabel has given an extensive interview about the process, which will appear in our Heart of Innovation TV series. To watch GlobalLeadership.TV’s in-depth interview with Isabel, please click HERE.

Walter also provides highly personalized coaching to social entrepreneurs, public servants and top executives of global corporations who understand that releasing their potential and that of their organizations requires them and their teams to develop their individual and interpersonal capacities.

Vinod Kumar, Tata Communications

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Matt, Forest Ethics



Forest Ethics

ForestEthics is not only one of the world’s most impactful environmental organizations that played a leading role in protecting many millions of acres of pristine forests and the people connected with them. ForestEthics is also a model for a new kind of civil society activism that effectively challenges companies and governments while offering them cooperation towards change. This activism approach, which we call Fierce Compassion requires personal and professional maturation. Over the past years, GAF’s Walter Link has worked with ForestEthics, first coaching its CEO Todd Paglia, then its leadership team and now its entire staff – organically developing a mindful leadership development approach that fits their particular needs.



Global Academy was instrumental in developing a two year leadership program designed for the executive teams of Triodos Bank, one of the leading sustainability banks in Europe…

Triodos Bank is Europe’s most successful sustainability bank, which for the past 30 years has demonstrated that social and environmental responsibility are mutually enhancing with enduring growth and profitability. As one of the banks that has emerged strengthened from the global financial crises, Triodos is increasingly being viewed as a model. GAF’s Walter Link teamed up with Hein Dijksterhuis to lead a 2-year leadership development and ongoing coaching program for Triodos’s senior executives helping them to integrate their innovation with personal and interpersonal development.