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General Overview

Who we are and what we do is our message

Our partners understand that for fundamental change to happen – to risk the shift from the dysfunctional main stream to an innovative alternative – the world needs more than inspiration and information. It needs to see that what is being proposed actually works better than the predominant mainstream. We need concrete examples from which we can learn how to change ourselves, and subsequently our behavior. GAF helps our partners to develop into such models and to communicate that through expression and action.

Partners / clients

Below is a brief reference to some of the individuals and organisms we work with. We call them partners rather than clients because we share a deep commitment to co-creating a better world – one that is more innovative and sustainable, humane and effective. Each of us plays their role. Ours is to serve those who serve others, whether they are from civil society or responsible business, the arts or government.

What our partners have in common is that they are models for how to do things differently in the new paradigm of individual and co-creative leadership that is emerging in a multifaceted manner across all sectors and continents.

Strategy & Culture

Innovation & Creativity

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Social Investment Banking


Mindfulness & Action

Bringing Inner Work into Action
Bringing Inner Work into the Workplace