Christina Carvalho Pinto is a leading voice in Latin America struggling for a more ethical, transformative and constructive media.

President and owner-partner of the Full Jazz Communication Group (the only one that works like a jazz band); in a partnership with the evolutionary economist Hazel Henderson, she also leads in Brazil the global multimedia platform named Ethical Markets, which is the most complete in the world on sustainability (; and is also the president and owner-partner of Conteúdos com Conteúdo (Content With Content), a company that designs and produces innovative and transforming contents for all media.

She has received hundreds of national and international awards, among them “The Professional of the Decade” by ABRACOMP – Brazilian Association of the Columnists in Marketing and Advertising.

Christina was the first woman to lead a large multinational group in Latin America: the Young & Rubicam Group, which she headed up during 7 years.

In 2005, she was elected “One of the Top Ten Brazilian Entrepreneurs” by the Entrepreneur magazine.

In 2006, in an open election through Internet, Christina was appointed “The Most Meaningful Creative Professional for Advertising in Brazil in the last 20 years“.

She’s been twice elected “The Most Influential Brazilian Woman at the Marketing and Advertising industry”, by the subscribers of Forbes Maganize: in 2004 and 2007.

Christina leads a weekly TV show called Novos Tempos (New Times), which is broadcasted by Climatempo TV (channel 102 of the Sky´s cable TV) and brings all about innovation: clean technologies, new behaviours, green jobs, renewable energies, sustainable investment etc.

International speaker, member of six corporate boards, her ideas are highlighted in more than 20 different books by different authors. Get to know Christina’s trajectory and thoughts through the websites: and