Empowering Change Leaders & Systems Transformation

We partner with leaders, organizations & alliances to regenerate nature and societies

Empowering Change Leaders & Systems Transformation

We partner with leaders, organizations & alliances to regenerate nature and societies

Empowering Change Leaders & Systems Transformation

We partner with leaders, organizations & alliances to regenerate nature and societies.

Empowering Change Leaders & Systems Transformation

We partner with leaders, organizations & alliances to regenerate nature and societies

Deep dialogues with innovative leaders hosted by Walter Link

In-depth dialogues with innovation leaders from around the world about what helps them to create real change.

that serves all stakeholders and regenerates nature

B Economy Movement

After co-founding the first sustainable business alliances across Europe and the Americas, we now support the B Corp movement, Sistema B, The B Team and the WEF’s 4B initiative as well as for-benefit oriented multinational corporations and large family companies.

Natura, The Body Shop, Aesop

We support these ground-breaking companies to develop and implement their 2030 Vision that aims to regenerate nature, to empower their staff and 1.7 million direct distributors to live their purpose and impact and to strengthen the for-benefit business movement.

Marae Holding

Supporting the impact strategy and leadership development of one of the world’s most inspiring holdings that integrates for-benefit companies like Natura, impact investment funds, the Arapyau foundation, a climate NGO coalition and a cross-party political reform movement.

Greening Supply Chains

Helping the World Economic Forum’s for-benefit initiative and sustainability-oriented multinationals to support the transformation of thousands of supply chain companies via new supplier policies, knowledge transfer, leadership development and impact financing.

Purpose & Impact MBA

After co-founding the USA's first fully accredited MBA in Sustainable Management, this program supports members of influential business families to refine their purpose and develop their impact strategy reg. charity, investment and business ownership.


Supporting this global health tech leader to implement the CEO’s commitment to become 100% circular and integrally sustainable, impacting 3 billion people, including many who are still under-served.

Tata Communications

Coaching the CEO and global leadership team and helping to create a new culture to enable the implementation of profound strategy shifts in this high tech backbone of companies such as Facebook and Microsoft.


Sri Lanka’s oldest micro-finance institution. Helping to transform this impactful but unsustainable NGO into a profitable, regulated bank that serves more poor people and financially sustains the Sarvodaya social movement.

to regenerate societies and nature


Founded by ‘Sri Lanka’s Gandhi.’ Helping to lead and transform this vast holistic grass roots movement that inspires and betters the lives of millions 
with peace work, disaster management, political empowerment, economic development, life-long education and mindfulness.

Saúde Criança

Advising the leaders and training the team of Latin America's highest ranked social enterprise that improves the health, socio-economic conditions and self-esteem of Rio’s poorest citizens. Helping their Center of Excellence to spread their methods internationally.

Alliance for Health & Nutrition

Strengthening the collaborative impact of 40 of Brazil’s leading research and advocacy organizations that educate society, lobby lawmakers and companies, help change laws and regulations to transform the healthcare and education system.

Isabel Allende

Coaching this author who inspires millions, to redevelop her creative process, deepen her spirituality and support the strategy development of her foundation that focuses on women and children rights around the world.

Human Rights Watch

Supporting one of the world’s most respected and impactful human rights organizations to establish its European Union office, its San Francisco office and film festival and serving on its advisory council.

The Long Run

Supporting the strategy meetings and leadership programs of this global alliance of nature-based eco-tourism and community development enterprises that aspire to conserve 20 million acres of biodiversity and the culture of people living in them.

Weaving Academy

After decades of advancing innovative learning initiatives, co-creating this new alliance whose members integrate creativity, empathy, collaboration, mindfulness, entrepreneurship and other change-maker capacities into education around the world.

Mindful Action

Helping to re-invigorate this ancient practice that integrated action in the world with the deep human inspiration of ancient wisdom traditions that today can be further enhance by social an neuro-sciences to mutually enhance human development and better outcomes.

by strengthening political movements, governments and multilaterals

Government of Panama

Helping to create an international conference for the country’s and international leaders to celebrate the transition to democracy and the return of the Panama Canal by the United States, represented by former President Carter.

ACT, Stand & others

Training advocates and campaigners in Brazil, Africa, Europe and North America to mindfully and effectively challenge unsustainable behaviors of corporations and governments. Co-creating with them alliances and programs that strengthen democracy.


Empowering social entrepreneurs through training and international networking and collaborating with local and global partners to develop a legal and policy framework for social entrepreneurs and the benefit economy with the intent to scale it across Africa.

African Ministers Council on Water

Advising on strategy, organizational development and capacity building the council whose ministers and members represent all 54 countries on the African continent.

Supporting political leaders

in Latin America, Africa and Asia to create democracy-enhancing and corruption-reducing movements that advance social and environmental regeneration and the empowerment of disenfranchised citizens.

Interdependence & Systems Change

“If we want to live a life of purpose and impact, if we want to transform our organizations and the world, we need to integrate personal development and mindful action with collaboration and systems change. It’s all interdependent.”

Walter Link
  • "The outcomes of the process you led were magic. This is what the UN should be like: Real collaboration between real human beings who represent our diversity and capacity to create the change we need."

    Wangari Maathai

    Nobel laureate

  • “You are such an important leader in building this movement and transforming the world. Together we will achieve things that many think are impossible. But we know they will happen because we will make them happen and have fun doing it!”

    Anita Rodick

    Founder of The Body Shop

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